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Bond Arms - Cyclops - .45-70

Bond Arms - Cyclops - .45-70

SKU: 23110027


  • Caliber - .45-70 Gov't
    Barrel Length - 4.25"
    Grip Material - B6 Resin
    Grip Size - Extended
    Sights - Fixed
    Length - 6.75"
    Height - 4.37"
    Weight - 28oz.
    Ammo Capacity - 1
    Action - Single Action
    Trigger Pull Weight - 7lb.
    Trigger Guard - Yes


Introducing the all new Cyclops series!

These beasts have been released in the legendary .45-70 Government with additional options like .44 Magnum (now available) and .50AE in the future.

Part of our Rough Series, the Cylcops features a 4.25" stainless steel barrel that is bored out as a single-shot to add weight and comfort.

In addition, the Cyclops also features our brand new, proprietary B6 grips which fill the hand properly and lend to a pleasant shooting experience.

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