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FFL # 5-75-329-07-6D-16338


Cult Combat is a Veteran & Family owned business, which originated in 2015. We started out providing self defense training with firearms and hand-to-hand combat in the private sector. Cult Combat operates a private range specifically designed for self defense. Through all of the training we realized that firearms and equipment took a serious beating as they were exposed to numerous elements and surfaces. The heavily used firearms functioned, but looked terrible since the factory coatings had mostly been scraped or worn from the surface due to intense training in west Texas sand and heat. Looking for a solution, we found a product called Cerakote and began testing it on the used equipment. We found that Cerakote not only made the equipment look brand new, but it also provided superior protection against corrosion and abrasion. The coating held up and performed better than the factory coatings!

Throughout the years, Cult Combat has expanded their business. In 2020 we began offering coating services to the public and law enforcement. After over 8 years of providing training and services in West Texas, Cult Combat Gun Works is now located in Midland Texas.

Here at Cult Combat, you will have your firearms or other items done right the first time. Many of our clients come to us because they had their items coated at other shops and it did not turn out the way they had expected. Some of the problems they had were that their parts did not fit correctly, the coating was very uneven, or experienced flaking or peeling of the coatings. Cerakote is not a magic fix. In order for Cerakote to function correctly it needs to be applied properly. Many shops simply do not take the time to apply Cerakote properly.

We guarantee that our coatings will never flake, peel or crack*. If they do you can bring the items back to us and we will coat them again for no additional charge. Our cerakote applications are lifetime warranted for defects in the product or application to the original purchaser.

*Depending on the amount of use on your coated items, Cerakote will eventually wear, but it should never flake, peel or crack. Cerakote will wear much slower than other coatings.

FFL # 5-75-329-07-6D-16338


Jonathan "Recon" Madison - Owner / Instructor

Jonathan was born in the communist nation of New Jersey, lived there the first 18 years of his life and then join the US Army. After leaving the Army he moved to Texas and by the grace of god made his home.

Lyn Madison - Owner / CFO

Lyn was born and raised in Big Spring, Tx and has lived in Midland since 1986. She has had a very successfully career in human resources and financial portfolio management.

Tyler Riley - Outside Sales Manager

Tyler was born in Midland, TX. He has been a successful business owner and sales manager over the years. He currently manages our outside and LEO Sales.

Kim Riley - Outside / LEO Sales

Kim was born in Midland, TX. She has been a successful business owner and sales rep over the years. She currently is our outside and LEO Sales Lead.

Guylan "Guy" Johnson - Retail Sales Manager

Guy was born in Odessa, TX. He has been a successful sales rep and manager for nearly 2 decades. He currently is our Retail Sales Manager.

Justin "Cass" Casanova - Sr. Shop Tech

Justin was born and raised in Midland, TX and has had a very successful career in firearm sales and has started as an apprentice gunsmith.

Hayden Johnson - Gunsmith Shop Lead

Hayden was born in Lubbock, TX. He has been our lead gunsmith and gunsmith shop lead for 3 years.

Aaron Lasater - Shop Tech

Aaron is an avid shooting sports enthusiast, waterfowl and upland game hunter. Aaron has begun as an apprentice gunsmith with Cult Combat.

Midland TX


To bring glory to God and to honor our country in the service we provide, the product we produce, and our community.

Firearms painted in bright colors may look like a toy to CHILDREN! Please educate your children about gun safety and keep your firearms secured and/or in a safe to prevent unauthorized access to your firearms. Cult Combat Coating encourages parents to train their children in the lawful and safe use of firearms.

Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee that our coatings will never chip, crack, peel or flake! If they do you can send the items back to us and we will coat them again for no additional charge.

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